Craig Jessen

Alice Through the Looking Glass
adapted by Craig Jessen

The Attic Theatre, Los Angeles 2011

- Cast -

- Crew -

Costume Design
Prop Master
Stage Manager
Prop Crew

Scenic & Light Design

James Carey
Craig Jessen
Angi Ursetta
Johanna Covell
Danielle Taddei
Ryan Schull
Brad Enlow
Craig Jessen

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Angela Ryskiewicz

Johanna Covell
Reflection, Red Pawn, White Horse, Red King, Oysters, Hare

Vanessa Ledesma
Nurse, Red Pawn,
Wh. Pawn, Red Horse

Matt Guerra
Valet, Old Man, Tree,
Hatta, Walrus, Wh. King

April Grace Lowe
Sister, Red Queen

Marcel Torres
Father, Beamish Boy, Rose, Gnat, Dum, Carpenter, Red Knight

Katrina McGraw
Mother, Jabberwock Tiger-Lily, Wh. Queen

Todd Elliott
Uncle, White Knight,
Dee, Humpty Dumpty