Craig Jessen


One Act and Short Plays

Of Bats and Suits
Bruce, father by day and vigilante by night, must face his most challenging foe yet: Child Protective Services.

Animal Stories
Five stories that explore human interaction with animals, including people that try to speak cow, defeat cats, and dream of elephants.

Holiday Dram Drama
Ten years after his father's death, Will is struggling to keep his life in balance. After a night of cataclysmic decisions, he finds solace in an old ritual his father used to meter indiscretion.

Winner of the 2010 Attic One Act Festival Best Play

The Glass Soldier
An injured soldier awakes believing he's made of glass. While his doctor struggles to cure him, his squad mate is more interested in making him remember atrocities he forgot.

Time Traveler's Remorse
A 24th century chronophysicist plays out his revenge fantasy in Elizabethan England.

Fear of Zombies
A woman faces the consequences of a one night stand where she dressed as a zombie.

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The End of Sex


Babel Belly

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Yuri's Songbird


Flowers Until Sunrise

Roger and the Cave Monster

Ladder to the Attic


One Act Plays

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