Craig Jessen
Writer & Director


Craig Jessen is a storyteller in a variety of mediums. While his favorite form of expression is with song and charango, his most prolific output is for film and theatre.

He is the writer and director of two award-winning feature films, A PROMISE OF TIME TRAVEL and BEYOND METHUSELAH. He is also the cinematographer and editor (as well as co-star) of the webseries JAW RECORDER.

As a playwright, his work includes PYLON, BABEL BELLY (winner of the 2010 Tim Robbins playwriting award), THE END OF SEX, and GHOSTLY (winner of the Chameleon Theater's 2020 New Play award)..

Craig's most recent work for the stage was directing "America's Journey" at the Rogue Valley Symphony. He is an adjunct faculty for Southern Oregon University's Master of Theatre Studies program, teaching Script Analysis and Directing.

As the son of Argentine and Puerto Rican immigrants, Craig grew up navigating multiple cultural identities. His nuanced characters embody the struggle to define oneself and find a place to belong.